Foods that have been a trending topic in 2017: Are they here to stay?

Posted on 15 December, 2017

The year 2017 has brought us great sensory experiences in the form of food and beverages that, in just 12 months, have gone from being completely unknown to becoming a must in supermarkets and homes thanks to their taste and nutritional qualities, something that consumers increasingly take into account.

Precisely, the British chain of supermarkets Waitrose has just published the ‘The Food and Drink Report’, whose goal is to review the trends in food and beverages during the year. This document reports on the top products of 2017, with a list drawn up after conducting a survey among more than 2,000 consumers of all ages in the United Kingdom.

According to Waitrose, bulgur and quinoa are two of the most successful foods this year. Both the former, made from wheat, and the latter, which is gluten-free and considered a superfood, have won the approval of many consumers who were previously unaware of their contribution to diet as carbohydrates. However, they are now sold in the supermarkets in precisely the same section as rice and pasta. In fact, in 2017 they have been almost as successful as these old acquaintances.

Seeds, especially chia, and nuts have also met with resounding success among consumers. As well as adding them to their salads and yogurts, in 2017 they started using them in all kinds of biscuits and breads. Apart from their texture the key to their good acceptation lies in the proteins they provide.

Another foodstuff that has found an important place in our homes this year is turmeric, a spice used very frequently in India and Southeast Asia, where intense flavours and smells are traditionally very popular. According to the Waitrose report, turmeric, which helps reduce cholesterol, has managed to overtake other spices such as cinnamon.

Drinks have not stood on the sidelines either. In 2017, milkshakes and smoothies made with fruits and vegetables have generated enormous interest among consumers concerned about consuming healthy products, who see in this type of product an opportunity to concentrate all the nutrients needed for a balanced diet in a single glass. Ginger, carrot, cucumber and beetroot are some of the ingredients that have won greater acceptance among consumers when it comes to choosing off the shelf.

Apart from these foods, 2017 has also brought us new lifestyles and customs at mealtimes. The brunch is undoubtedly one of the habits that has most gained in popularity this year among the more inveterate gourmets. This tendency to combine breakfast and lunch offers a wide variety of ways of innovating with the different product categories: vegetables, dairy products, sausages, smoked products, infusions, pastries and so on. The combinations are endless and, perhaps for this reason, the popularity of the brunch, especially at weekends, will remain intact in 2018.

It is difficult to say whether all these foods that have triumphed in 2017 will continue to be a trend in 2018. It is the consumers themselves who set the rules of the game together with the companies in the sector and food experts. However, the flavour, aroma, texture and properties of each food are always essential factors that determine their acceptance and success in the market.

At Waitrose, the British chain of supermarkets, they have ventured to predict the success in 2018 of products such as seaweed, seeds – which have already been well received this year – and vegetable proteins in general. In addition, flavours from Asia, and more specifically from Japan, will continue to generate enthusiasm among consumers in the coming months.

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