More than 200 milky products tested


Sensory Value is the first and only product sensory consulting firm that focuses exclusively on the Food and Beverage markets with a big expertise. This allows as to have a large experience in milky category, in these 17 years we have tested more than 200 products like: milk, shake, yogurt and vegetable drink.

Our mission is to identify the Sensory Assets of food and beverage products in order to optimize and transform them into competitive advantages that add value to our clients business.

Sensory Value can help you in your product strategy because:

  1. We only focus on the Food and Beverages markets.
  2. We work with innovative Product Test methodologies.
  3. We develop tailored methodologies according to client needs.
  4. We follow strict protocols and execution processes in projects.
  5. We have extensive experience in multi-country projects.