Clean label, the food industry’s commitment for 2018

Publié le 8 novembre, 2017


Taking a look at the label on any food product and finding more preservatives, sweeteners and chemical additives than natural ingredients is a reality that many consumers encounter every day when doing their shopping and that more and more companies are trying to change with clean label, which has gone from being a trend to a standard within the food industry.

According to a study carried out by C+R Research, some 69% of consumers consider that reading the labels on food products has a direct impact on their shopping habits. In the United States, three-quarters of consumers claim they read the information about ingredients and nutritional values on the labels before deciding whether to buy or not.

Removing the most artificial ingredients from products and replacing them with similar ones of natural origin is one of the key challenges facing the food sector in 2018. In fact, internationally recognized companies have already introduced this kind of change in order to get closer to the consumers and adapt to their demands without spoiling the characteristic flavour, texture and aroma of each product. The key is to replace artificial colours, flavours and aromas with other natural ones.

The Impulsive Buy

The inclusion of nutritional values on labels is another challenge now being addressed by the food and drink sector, above all adjusting the measure to European legislation and the demands of the consumers, who are calling for a standardised type of understandable labelling for the whole continent.

Not only does clean label offer the possibility of being more transparent and honest with the consumers, it also provides a healthier product. More and more consumers opt for fresh, healthy food products, which is why it is important when they buy a packaged product that they are able to find, on the label, familiar ingredients that they want to consume.

This is the case of ice cream. Its creamy texture and intense flavour can be obtained with natural ingredients. In the United States, an ice cream company carried out an advertising campaign announcing the renewal of its famous ice cream products with the following slogan: “5 ingredients, one incredible indulgence”. Clean label is here to stay.


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