Barbecue in the USA: the hottest flavour trend in summer 2017

Publié le 19 juillet, 2017

Lovers of grilled meat, chicken wings, spicy potatoes and hamburgers are in luck. According to what we have read in Food Business News, this summer the products with fresh organoleptic notes yield the main role to anything that reminds us of a family barbecue, with flavours reminiscent of what is cooked on a grill.

Kevan Vetter, executive chef at McCormick, a multinational food condiment company, points to five flavour trends that, wherever we go this summer, we’ll find in restaurants and supermarkets:

  1. Korean and American fusion
    Tteokgalbi is a Korean recipe featuring beef ribs grilled on charcoal and now inspires the recipes for gourmet hamburgers, a growing trend around the world. Consumers look for a touch of sesame, soy, honey, ginger and garlic in the new, made-in-USA burgers.
  2. Grilled fish in the salad? Yes please!
    Poke, a salad with Hawaiian roots, is a good dish to cool off with in summer, as it can be served with summer fruit and vegetables, and a touch of citrus. Now the recipe has been modernised with grilled fish – usually salmon, shrimp or tuna.
  3. Don’t snub the hot potato
    Until recently, cold potato salad had been a must-have in summer. This year, hot potatoes are taking over, including sweet potatoes. Ideally baked or grilled.
  4. Add a (barbecue) sauce to your dishes
    Tomatoes or ketchup have been pushed into the background this summer. The dressing that everyone wants to repeat on their dishes is barbecue sauce and, to be more precise, white barbecue sauce based on mayonnaise, vinegar and lemon juice. It is already a must when serving grilled chicken.
  5. A sweet and spicy twist for chicken wings
    Spicy and sweet notes have been rediscovered this summer in recipes for meat such as chicken wings. Black pepper and summer fruit such as peaches serve to create new sensations for consumers.


You can read the original article at Food Business News.


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