Food trends in summer 2018

Publié le 25 juin, 2018

The summer food trends of 2018 have been influenced by a new kind of lifestyle that aims to be healthier. This consumer attitude has consolidated itself over the last decade. In the summer, it finds one of its main justifications in the change of scenario and clothing.

Food with a scientific basis: plant-based meat

Meat made from plants is already served regularly in restaurants around the USA, and also in the home. There has been an 8.1 per cent growth in sales of plant-based foods, with 2.1 per cent of these sales being refrigerated and frozen “meat” products. This type of products fit in with two new developments: the trend towards vegetarian food and growing concern for the environment. For this reason they top the list of the summer food trends of 2018. Products such as plant-based sausages, hamburgers, strips for the grill and shredded meat substitutes are already being sold.

Non-alcoholic craft drinks

Craft beer has established itself as a very popular drink, but what about soft drinks? Consumption of the latter is expected to be one the summer food trends of 2018. Craft soft drinks incorporate distinctive flavours with notes of juniper, lavender and hibiscus. The success of this new concept is based on the fact that consumers have already started to abandon additives and excessive sugar consumption. In this respect, craft preparations presuppose the non-use of the former and a significant reduction in the latter. Once again, this reinforces the message that better, healthier, more natural products that respect the environment are preferred by consumers.

Alternative sweeteners

As we said above, consumers have begun to cut down on their sugar intake. This does not mean they are going to give up sweet foods; rather, they are resorting to alternative sweeteners. The summer food trends of 2018 include:

  • Agave syrup
  • Honey
  • Panela
  • Maple syrup
  • Apple sauce

An upturn for ice cream

Traditional ice cream will continue to lead the food trends of summer 2018, but it will not be on its own. From Thailand has come the idea of ​​making rolled ice cream with alternative, innovative ingredients, such as avocado or honey. To get the ice cream into the shape of a roll, the ice cream chefs mix the ingredients with the milk on an ice-cold plate. The mixture gradually becomes creamier and then curves upwards in the final part of the process.

Last March, a discovery was announced that could be of great importance to the ice cream industry. A recent study suggests that the addition to ice cream of cellulose nanofibres obtained from bananas makes it more palatable and also makes it melt more slowly. Not only that, the possibility of using these nanofibres to partially replace the fats that make up this popular dessert is being explored.

In short, the summer food trends of 2018 combine new flavours with foods and drinks that are healthier and more respectful with the environment, with proposals in line with the evolution of the consumer habits we have analysed in other articles. Keep on reading if you want to learn more.



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