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Publié le 22 octobre, 2018

Soup is one of the oldest foods in the world. It is present in all cultures and we can find it made with the most varied ingredients. Full of benefits for the organism, it is consumed in many countries at any time of the day. Do you want to discover the different types? Read on!

Why is soup so popular?

Soup has always been present in history. It was consumed in ancient times by the warriors of Sparta, who ate it before going into battle. It has also been used for aphrodisiac purposes in Malaysia, and to prepare medicinal infusions. Featuring a wide range of flavours and colours, this dish has never been missing from our kitchens.

In some countries, soup is associated with the winter cold. However, in others soup is consumed at any time of the year, at lunch or dinner and even at breakfast; it is an extremely healthy dish.

Portugal and Poland are two of the countries that consume the most soup in Europe. There, they don’t make a distinction between the seasons. So even when it’s really hot and muggy, soup appears on the menus.

Read on to learn about some of the most popular soups in the world.

What soups are the most famous?

The list of soups consumed around the world is just about endless. But here we want to mention some of the best known in different parts of the world. Your mouth will water!

Zurek: the queen of Poland

Apart from being really tasty, this soup is presented very strangely. Instead of being served in a bowl, it is very common for it to come inside a small, round, rye bread roll, which is also eaten. Its main ingredients are Polish pork sausages, hard-boiled egg, bacon and onion. An explosion of flavours in the mouth served in great style.

Portuguese stone soup

The fame of this soup comes from a story in which a friar was boiling water in a pot and only had one stone as an ingredient. He decided to ask for food from the neighbours. The friar put all the food he was given into the pot, especially vegetables, and cooked them all together. This resulted in what is traditionally known as “Sopa de Cozido”.

Hungarian goulash

From Portugal, we return to Eastern Europe, specifically to Hungary, where soups with stewed meat are one of the most traditional dishes. In addition to spices, Goulash is made with beef, leeks, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and lard. It is perhaps one of the thickest and tastiest soups we can find.

A borsch that crosses borders

Continuing in Eastern Europe, Borsch, invented in Ukraine, has spread to other countries such as Germany, Russia and Poland. Its traditional red colour comes from beetroot, a source of beneficial nutrients accompanied by other vegetables, meat and many spices, such as oregano, bay leaf, chives and parsley. It has a strong flavour with lots of character.

International miso soup

If we talk about soups that have crossed borders, we cannot ignore miso soup. Originally from China, it has been part of Japanese gastronomy for centuries. Nowadays, it is also very popular in the West.

Miso is a paste made from soya beans and is very good for the health. This main ingredient is accompanied by vegetables, fish, meat or even tofu in the vegan version.

If there is something that characterizes soups around the world it is their strong flavour and the variety of textures. An inexhaustible source of nutrients, they immerse us in the heart of the cultures that have given them life. At Sensory Value, we are experts in market research and in sensory experiences and we can help you with all your product development.

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