Market Research

What you mustn’t leave out of your marketing plan for 2018?

Pubblicato in data 21 Novembre, 2017

The marketing plan is a basic tool used by all companies to communicate the message, the values and the essence of their product through the various channels, in order to attract new buyers and increase sales.In the case of the food and beverage industry, the marketing plan must include a detailed strategy that focuses on the end-use customers, the consumers. It is essential to know what flavours they like, what sensations they are looking ...


Using artificial intelligence to get a recipe from looking at a photo

Pubblicato in data 6 Settembre, 2017

Have you ever wanted to know how to prepare a […](Leggi...)

Virtual Reality: Are we watching the future of market research?

Pubblicato in data 29 Maggio, 2017

Who hasn’t heard of virtual reality? Thanks to the advances in technology it has now become a familiar concept to everyone, including the youngest. For example, in Sweden, McDonald’s has even invited children to turn the children’s menu box into a pair of Happy Goggles, a virtual reality viewer. In market research, the field that concerns us, virtual reality is also here to stay.