Product Strategies

Cheese and its distinctive flavours

Publié le 25 juin, 2018

Cheese is one of those foods that doesn’t admit any middle ground: it is either adored or detested. This division of opinions is even more dramatic in the case of very mature cheeses and varieties with a stronger aroma and flavour. Furthermore, this food has some very unusual characteristics, which have very specific effects in the brain. Why is cheese such a special food? The five senses and cheese: aroma One of the reasons why cheese is ...

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La couleur et les aliments s’unissent pour créer des produits inédits

Publié le 17 avril, 2018

La neurogastronomie nous a appris que le palais n’est pas […](En savoir plus...)

What you mustn’t leave out of your marketing plan for 2018?

Publié le 21 novembre, 2017

The marketing plan is a basic tool used by all companies to communicate the message, the values and the essence of their product through the various channels, in order to attract new buyers and increase sales.In the case of the food and beverage industry, the marketing plan must include a detailed strategy that focuses on the end-use customers, the consumers. It is essential to know what flavours they like, what sensations they are looking ...

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From the edible landscape to the glass: vegetables drinks, yogurts and ice creams

Publié le 24 octobre, 2017

 Soya, coconut, oats, almonds and even rice. The market for  vegetables drinks has expanded beyond fruits and vegetables to include legumes and nuts in the last few years. This trend has been driven by the rise in popularity of veganism and healthy food, as well as increased lactose intolerance. In particular, it has opened up a wide range of possible innovations in the sector as regards the development of new healthy products adapted ...

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How will water be sold in the supermarkets of the future?

Publié le 18 octobre, 2017

Billions of bottles of mineral, spring or just drinking water […](En savoir plus...)

United States and Latin America, two possible new markets for fruit-flavoured beers

Publié le 19 septembre, 2017

Demand for beers with a touch of fruit is spreading like wildfire in the United States. Although the beginning of the decade saw numerous launches for new fruit beers in Europe, demand for it here has now stalled. But the trend has now arrived with a bang in the Americas, both in North America and further south, with Brazil leading the boom in Latin America.

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The secret of chocolate’s success

Publié le 29 août, 2017

What are the reasons that make consumers choose certain products or certain brands over others? Basically the things that attract us to a particular product are its unique sensory properties. Depending on whether these fulfil our "ideal" levels of sensory satisfaction to a greater or lesser degree, we like them more or less.

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The value of the optimum management of sensoriality

Publié le 26 juillet, 2017

Long ago, Peter Drucker, the father of management theory, affirmed: “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation”. As part of this formula, we find the key drivers, the key sensory attributes of a food product, an intangible that both Marketing and R&D departments must watch closely. (suite…)

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The future of coffee is sensory

Publié le 21 juin, 2017

In a cup of coffee or an espresso, the crema – or layer of creamy foam – is considered more than just an aspect of the texture of the drink: it is one of the keys to the sensory experience of drinking coffee. Here, sensory assets or attributes come into play, the organoleptic characteristics that give different coffee varieties their sensory specificity and which are so valued by consumers.(suite…)

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