Quantitative reports


Sensory Value specializes exclusively in quantitative analysis through the use of methodologies based on Product Tests with Consumers and Sensory Analysis, where statistics play a major role in interpreting results. This allows us to create reports with clear and actionable recommendations for Marketing and R&D departments in the food industry.

Sensory Value’s quantitative reports are designed to facilitate decision making in the area of product optimization, launching and reformulations. Our passion is product strategy based on sensoriality.

Customer oriented

These reports are the result of a work cycle that is completely focused on the product and the client, with ad hoc methodologies according to the objectives to be reached:

  • Project briefing meetings.
  • Counter-briefings from Sensory Value, with interpretations and recommendations.
  • Internal product tasting to understand the elements to be explored in the Product Test with Consumers.
  • Questionnaires and execution protocols for the Product Test.
  • Methodology selection and/or development of an ad-hoc methodology, according to our client needs.
  • Rigorousness in the fieldwork.
  • Internal interpretation of results with the research team.
  • Additional product tasting that will allow defining recommendations.
  • Presentation of results with actionable recommendationss