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At Sensory Value, our mission is to identify the Sensory Assets – the sensoriality – of our client’s food and beverage products in order to optimize and transform them into competitive advantages that add value to their business.

We design product strategies based on sensory attributes, which are extremely important for achieving the right sensations in order to create consumer preferences. We collaborate proactively with our clients to help them to take decisions aimed at developing, innovating, and improving products through sensory management.

We are sensory consultants of products

What works for a company may not work for another one, even if they both operate in the food industry. Marketing and Market Research use methodologies for analysis, but a standard method may not provide the information that is needed to define the winning product strategy for a brand.

This is why Sensory Value has a team that uses the five senses in every project. We have experience in managing projects related to food and beverage products as well as the know-how that allows us to assist and advise clients so they may reach their objectives.


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Sensory Assets

Sensory Assets are the sensory properties that explain the preferences for a certain product and make the difference.

Specialized in the Food & Bev

We are the only product strategy consulting firm that focuses exclusively on the Food and Beverage industry.

Quantitative reports

Sensory Value’s quantitative reports are designed to facilitate decision making in the area of product optimization.