Sensory Assets

What we feel when we taste a food or beverage product has a more powerful effect on our mind than any marketing message.

An increasingly number of major brands understands the importance of using their Sensory Assets. These companies rely on the support of specialists to discover opportunities based on the sensoriality and to manage these sensory attributes in an optimal manner so they can get superior products.

What does a brand taste like?

Sensory Assets are the sensory properties that explain the preferences for a certain product and that lead to powerful differentiation strategies.

In fact, the main driver as to why a consumer prefers and is loyal to a product is the organoleptic perception, a multi-sensory impression that goes beyond how products taste. This is where the aroma, texture, appearance and other characteristics that are difficult to describe by someone without specific training come into play.

At Sensory Value we deal with any type of foods and beverages and we identify their Sensory Assets. This allows us to translate and interpret sensations, and to help our clients to develop products that produce sensory experiences by which consumers prefer those alternatives over the competition.

We transform sensoriality into value for a product.