Product Test

What sensations does my product offer to consumers?

The Product Test with Consumers  is a specialized market research methodology that evaluates the opinions, reactions, perceptions, and attitudes that a certain product generates in a group of consumers in order to apply those conclusions to the entire market.

Sensory Value’s unique specialization in the Food and Beverage markets has resulted in extensive know-how about Product Tests with Consumers in any category within these markets. Although a large number of tests and designs are available, in every project Sensory Value recommends the type of study that best adapts to each case and that addresses the proposed objectives and expectations.

All Product Tests require a preparation (establishing protocols) and extremely rigorous executions that Sensory Value guarantees thanks to the experience of our team and the continuous quality controls we perform. Our consultants have extensive experience in marketing and/or market research for food-industry multinationals.


Here you will find the technical papers of some of our methodologies.
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A methodology that allows to have objective and quantitative information about the organoleptic perception of a product.

Consumer Screening Test

Whit this methodology is possible to identify the best option among several prototypes for a new launch or product substitution.

PRC- Product Replacement Check

To verify the performance of new prototype vs current product and identify formula improvements before substitution step.

PSM- Product Superiority Montitoring

To check product superiority vs main competitor and identify formula improvements.


Deep analysis of category to understand key drivers of acceptance and identify cluster of preference among consumers.

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