Win consumers with taste and flavor

Publicada el 7 noviembre, 2021

by Joan Abante, CEO Sensory Value

Humans feel pleasure when we eat something we like. This feeling is the result of many years of evolution. Due to the potential scarcity of food, humans used to protect themselves by generating this positive emotion and creating the mood to eat more and more food they liked.

Nowadays, we do not need to eat a lot for lunch because we know we will have the opportunity to eat again later for dinner. But we still have this emotion of joy when we eat something we like. Thus, considering the pleasure we humans feel when eating or drinking is essential to having successful products in the market.

A food product is a complex combination of several sensorial perceptions (related to appearance, smell, taste, flavor, and texture) that should give a unique product profile resulting in joy, a cornerstone of the consumer experience. If your product can deliver a «superb sensory moment,» the consumer will be linked to your brand through the created emotional bonds.

Additionally, to create extra bonds between your brand and product and your end-users, you should identify one sensory attribute in your product that should be relevant enough for consumers to become your brand sensory asset (BSA). In this case, consumers will choose your brand given all the positive emotional inputs generated by your product.

Nowadays the sensoriality of the food and drinks products is more important than ever. So, my recommendation is to quantitatively validate your products by consumers using any specialized Companies available in the market. You should verify that you have an excellent product and, on top of that, ensure that your product generates positive emotional bonds to your brand. To that end, I strongly recommend using experiential marketing to promote and sell your product.

Consumers can try your products in different settings: through the traditional in-store experience, food trucks, showcases, and others. Nevertheless, it is critical for the product to spark a unique «sensorial moment» regardless of the setting. When done correctly, taste, smell, or any other sensation makes experiential marketing an incredibly insightful tool to convince consumers. Giving free samples of hot coffee, chocolate, or bouillon in winter or ice cream, sodas, or ice tea in summer are examples of what you could do to bind consumers to your brand.

But remember, your product’s sensoriality always must be high grade and fit your consumers to succeed in experiential marketing!

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